What we do

Natural Homes

Natural Homes can provide services tailored to your needs starting with an initial fact finding discussion. We are experienced in most styles of sustainable homes and can inform buyers of expected performance, actual performance and problems encountered in similar homes in the past. These are a few of the details we consider in helping you assess a possible home:

Type of Location

  1. Rural Setting
  2. Walkable Community
  3. Historic District

Type of Home

  1. Pueblo style
  2. Territorial style
  3. Craftsman style
  4. Northern New Mexico Pitched Roof style
  5. Experimental dwellings

Sustainable Features (* suggested as a minimum)

  1. Whole House Ventilating system*
  2. Supper Insulated Exterior Envelope*
  3. Energy Efficient lighting*
  4. Energy Star Appliances*
  5. Passive Solar, Direct gain
  6. Passive Solar, Trombe Wall
  7. Passive Solar, Green House
  8. Solar Domestic Hot Water
  9. Tank less Hot Water Heater
  10. Solar Heated In-Floor Radiant heating
  11. Photo Electric Panels, Grid Tied
  12. Photo Electric panels, Battery Storage

With 33 years of experience,
let Alan Hoffman help you find your sustainable home in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alan Hoffman


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