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Oshara Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico

As events in Japan show us, a home less exposed to industrial and nuclear facilities, weather extremes and fault lines is a prudent place to live and Santa Fe is such a place. Santa Fe is the oldest city in the United States celebrating it’s 400th Anniversary and boasts a high quality of life as an art center and creative enclave in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


  • Far from Pollution

    Zero Energy Home, Oshara Village

  • Far from Sea Shores
  • Far from Fault Lines
  • Far from Mega Cities
  • Not prone to Tornado’s and Cyclones
  • Not near Domestic Nuclear Reactors
  • Not near Petrol Industrial Facilities


  • Population of around 120,000
  • Stable real estate market
  • One of the largest art markets in the nation
  • Center for film and media
  • Near three advanced research centers
    • Los Alamos National Laboratories
    • Sandia National Laboratories
    • Santa Fe Institute
  • Access to state supper computer portal
  • Next to the Santa Fe Community College for workforce training

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Entire Eco Village Available

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New Village Town Homes, Oshara Village

Situated next to the Santa Fe Community College, Oshara Village is one of the most sustainable communities in the nation, featuring 100% water reclamation and reuse, access to public transportation, walkable urban design and Zero Energy Homes. Oshara is located next to the Santa Fe Community College with its Advanced Technology Training Center and already has 50 homes occupied. With over 700 homes and 1 million square feet of commercial approved, Oshara makes a perfect head quarters or R&D center for a company that wants a more secure location for it’s most valuable human resources in a creative and innovative community. With direct flights to Dallas and Los Angles, you can live and work in this innovative community and have easy access to the city.

The recent real estate realignment has created a significant buying opportunity right now. Real estate prices are reasonable and stable compared to many cities in America and the Low and Zero Energy Homes that Natural Homes develops and sells provides stability in what will be an increasingly volatile energy market.

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